About The University

About Soran University:

Soran University’s name is taken from Soran city. Soran is an area in Iraqi Kurdistan bordering Iran and Turkey. Its main city is also called Soran, although the town of Rawanduz is better known outside of the region. Soran town is located about 110km north east of Erbil and 65km west of the Iranian border. Today the town has a population of approximately 125,000, most of which are refugees who returned from Iran to Iraq within the last ten years. Therefore the city has been experiencing a construction boom, which is expected to continue as the population is estimated to reach 175,000 in the next 5 years.

Soran University – The Mission and Vision 

Towards the Future: 

The mission of Soran University is to become a beacon of learning and research in, not just the Kurdistan, but for the whole Region by initiating and working with international partnerships and collaborations, in both the private and public sectors, for the benefit of students and researchers, providing quality assured education and learning, enabling all participants to attain their aspirations and goals by ensuring the provision of an appropriate environment and facilities for scientific research. 
The Vision 

Soran University will lead the way towards a modern Kurdistan by ensuring that its graduates and postgraduates have received an enlightened and thorough education designed to enable them to contribute to all spheres and aspects of life in the Kurdistan Region. It will provide cutting edge research projects in partnerships and collaborations with international institutes and organisations both in and beyond the Kurdistan Region as well as making a vital commitment to the preservation of the environment and heritage of all the peoples of Kurdistan.