The Structure of Soran University
Soran University was founded at the end of 2009, by decree of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Since its foundation, by concentrating on the quality of science, strengthening international relationships and profiting from the academic ability of both Kurdish and international specialists, Soran University has endeavored to present a new model of academic institutional experience. This is why over a short course of time Soran University has attracted the attention of so many people and a bright future is expected for the University, not just in Kurdistan, but also all around the globe. Soran University has five faculties, 20 departments in different fields and more than three thousand students and three hundred lecturers, it is listed as below:

1. Faculty of Law
The Faculty of Law is one of the main faculties at Soran University, it was established in 2008. The Faculty has a law department and several administrative units such as IT, library, planning and statistics and postgraduate units. Annually, around 60 students are accepted to join the Faculty. At present, the Faculty has 250 undergraduate students and about 20 postgraduate students. 180 students have graduated during the past 5 years. In addition, the Faculty has 40 lecturers, of which 20 of them currently are PhD students in the USA, UK and Egypt.

2. Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering in Soran University has been academically established the academic year 2014-2015. It started as School of Engineering; a part of Faculty of Science and Engineering the academic year 2013-2014. The faculty structure composed of three departments (Chemical, Petroleum, and Civil engineering).
The Faculty carries out its mission to create high quality undergraduate curriculum covering various engineering and technical disciplines which work to educate Soran University students as leaders and integrators in technological innovation, and to prepare engineers to address future challenges. The high quality curriculum of the three engineering departments has been prepared by specialized curriculum committees following the international standards. Different specialist courses are tailored to the needs of industry professionals and combine academic rigor with applications to real-world situations. The educational opportunities offered to students in the faculty are enhanced by the availability of high-quality classrooms, various well-equipped research laboratories and programs, advanced computer facilities,  
and innovative educational technology which provides many opportunities for the students to establish a close relationship with faculty members. High-potential graduates are one of the many objectives faculty of engineering works on. 

3. Faculty of Science 

The Faculty of Science is one of the prestigious faculties of Soran University. It combines excellence with ambitious high-quality research and educational programs. It consists of five academic departments: Petroleum Geosciences, Biology, Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Chemistry. The well-being of our students is a major concern of this faculty in such a way that in addition to acquiring top-quality education, knowledge and skills, the students receive a close pedagogic instruction and tutoring from educators that share with them experience, skills and guidance towards establishment of options and choices in research studies and future careers. The Faculty is moving earnestly towards the establishment of a scientific research center that combines Petroleum Geosciences, Molecular Biology, Biometrics and Information Security. These centers are to become the nucleus of the planned “Scientific Research Centre of Soran University”. 

4. Faculty of Education 
The faculty of Education was established in 2008 under the governance of Salahaddin University; after the establishment of Soran University in 2009 the college became the Faculty of Education. The faculty has two schools: 

The School of Basic Education 
It is consisting of the General Science Department, the Kurdish Language Department and Mathematics Department. 

The School of Physical Education 
This school at the moment consists of the Sports Department 
The faculty is planning on opening new departments in both schools with lecturers working on plans to fulfill this ambition in the near future. The Faculty of Education is widely recognized as being the lead in the region, with knowledgeable graduates ready to teach in schools and serve the community. 
Graduates from the faculty will become teachers in schools therefore they will be taught teaching methods and also receive 
practical training on placement in schools, with support from faculty and school staff. This will give them practical experience and the opportunities to put into practice what they have been taught in theory. 

Soran Universty

The faculty also offers short courses for local teachers to enable them to update their knowledge and skills and thus improve the quality of teaching throughout the region. 
The faculty is endeavoring to build and strengthen relationships with internationally renowned universities, with departments ‘twinning’ with appropriate departments to the mutual benefit of both.
5. Faculty of Arts 
The faculty of Arts was founded in (2007-2008) under the name "College of Languages" and as part of Salahaddin University. 
Open College of Arts for both (Language and Education) colleges which consist of seven departments (Psychology, Kurdish language, Arabic language, English language, Geography, Sociology and History).